What’s in a name? Everything!

There are so many things to think of. A business license, a website, financing – ugh, all just mumbo-jumbo in my head. I’m taking baby steps, but it’s all very overwhelming when you don’t even have a business name!

I’ve been thinking of so many different ways to go about this. I mean, this name is going to have to carry me all the way to the top (wherever that may be.) So, let’s start with a bit of background:

Business: Personal Concierge Service

Type: Virtual assistant, errands, mother’s helper, all-around personal assistant.

Location: My home in San Diego

Ok, so here was my thought process in choosing a name. First, I started out with French names (I don’t know – in my head, I wanted to portray luxury and elegance.) I came up with the French word for ease – Aisance (prounounced Eye-San-Se.) But the more I thought about it, I realized that most people associate luxury with expensive. That is defnitely NOT what I’m going for. Also, I want to seem human and approachable. So, Aisance – OUT!

Next, I thought about putting my own name in the business’ name – but I wanted it to incorporate it in a witty and cute way. My name is Mayumi – and some of my friends call me May for short. So that led me to the creation of – May I Help You? I thought, “Wow, I am so clever.. (*pretencious giggle*)” for about two days. That is, until I realized how lame it really was. It’s a cute name – but most people wouldn’t even get it unless they were a personal friend. And I just couldn’t feel excited about it. So, May I Help You? – OUT!

Finally, last night I was reading one of my favorite books  – The New Rules of Marketing and PR and I started to feel like I was going about this the wrong way. I need a name that gives off my personality – approachable and fresh. The name also needs to define my service and buyer I’m trying to attract – a personal concierge service for the everyday, busy person/executive family/small business crowd. And the name needs to be able to grow with my business – I would like to expand to corporate concierge services in the future.

So here is what I came up with! Here it is (drumroll please) – EXTRA PAIR

And of course, for my own lil tickle.. on the back of my business cards – OF HANDS

What do you think? What thought process did you go through to choose your name?


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