Mayumi is a 20-something young lady who comes from the Bay Area. After living the nomadic life around the world, she finally decided to set her roots in sunny San Diego. She is the mother of the crazy toddler, Ayane, and wild pup, Capone – and is the loving girlfriend to Ghent. Mayumi could never rid herself of the itch to break all molds and stereotypes – whatever they may be:

Asians are outstanding students – she dropped out (but caught up just in time to graduate with her class.)

Petite girls should find a desk job – she joined the military. (And took the Navy by storm.)

Single, party girls never change – she has a family. (And never looked back.)

And finally, one of the biggest challenges, other than being a mother, is launching a successful business during a time of turmoil and economic collapse. This is going to be a doozy.

Mayumi has always shared her thoughts in writing – and it would seem the most natural thing to do to write about this experience, too. So come join her and share your experience.. because we could all stand to learn more.

Hot girls


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